Well, Well, Well, this is the Hogwarts Legacy treasure location

Well, Well, Well, this is the Hogwarts Legacy treasure location ...

On Hogwarts Legacy, you have to complete various side quests to earn various types of rewards. The Well, Well, Well quest has a treasure at the end, and you need to know where the treasure is located to get the reward. Here's how to find the treasure location in Hogwarts Legacy.

In Hogwarts Legacy, how do you obtain the treasure?

The Well, Well, Well is a side quest near the Floo Flames area in Aranshire. This treasure map has a drawing of a place, but you'll need to go further south to get it.

The treasure location shown on the parchment map is south of the Irondale settlement in the Feldcroft Region. You will need to go to this region with Sebastian Sallow to see his sister Anne. Alternately, you may quick travel to Feldcroft village and travel southeast to locate the treasure map. Check the yellow circle on the map image above to see the exact location of the treasure.

In Hogwarts Legacy, where can I find the Well's treasure map?

The Well's treasure map indicates a chest hidden beneath a tree. Here you will find a single tree inside a structure with three walls. Move in close to the tree, and you'll see that it can be lifted.

Use the Levioso spell to lift the tree, and you can see a chest attached to its roots. Move in close and open the chest to claim the treasure. From this chest, you'll receive the Treasure-Seeker's Bicone Hat.

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