Amber Midthunder: 10 Interesting Facts You Didn't Know

Amber Midthunder: 10 Interesting Facts You Didn't Know ...

Amber Midthunder's most popular screen role would have to be playing Kerry Loudermilk on FX's Legion. If you like the CW drama series Roswell, New Mexico, Midthunder plays Rosa Ortecho. Here are ten interesting facts about the young actress.

Amber Midthunder is a Native American.

Midthunder is a Native American. Her father, David Midthunder, is from Thailand, while her mother, Angelique Midthunder, is from the Navajo tribe of Shiprock, New Mexico.

2.Her father, David Midthunder, is an actor.

Midthunder isn't the only Hollywood celebrity in the family. Her father, David Midthunder, was the first person to pursue an acting career. David Midthunder can best be remembered for his roles as Famous Shoes in the Comanche Moon miniseries and David Ridges in the TV series Longmire.

Amber Midthunder's mother has a film career. She is a stunt performer and a casting director.

3.She once considered pursuing a career change.

Midthunder has always loved acting, even growing an interest and passion as a child. She considered completely withdrawing from the profession after her first experience as a makeup artist. If that did not work, she would pursue a career in mixed martial arts.

Amber Midthunder Makes Her Film Debut

When she was four, she starred in her first film in 2001. She played the part of a little girl in Jimmy Whitecloud's Homecoming. The following year, she played the role of Calusa Tribe in the direct-to-video film Deadly Species. She then took a break from acting.

5.She Co-Directed a Film with Shay Eyre

Amber Midthunder has made her directorial debut in the film #nightslikethese. She teamed up with American director Shay Eyre's daughter, Rachel Eyre, to direct it. Rowan and Cali played both roles.

In the same year, she appeared in two films with Liam Neeson.

Midthunder was featured in three films in 2021, two of which had Liam Neeson in them. She later played Tantoo in Jonathan Hensleigh's action thriller The Ice Road.

7.She co-produced a film in 2021.

Amber Midthunder has been listed as co-producer of Steve Pink's romantic comedy The Wheel. She is also listed alongside six other producers. Midthunder plays Albee, the protagonist in the film.

Amber Midthunder's Award

Midthunder hasn't received as many nominations or wins as she would like to admit at the Saturn Awards in the category of Breakthrough Performance Award.

Amber Midthunder Has Starred in a Film With Her Father

Amber Midthunder played May's daughter, Lily Stillwater, in the modern western crime drama Longmire, which ended on November 17, 2017. Her father also starred in a recurring role as David Ridges.

Sunshine Cleaning was her first credited film.

Christine Jeffs' comedy-drama Sunshine Cleaning saw her return on the big screen at the age of 11; she made $17.3 million on a $5 million budget.