James Gunn Discusses the Flash's Future of Ezra Miller

James Gunn Discusses the Flash's Future of Ezra Miller ...

James Gunn's New Phase One Design

James Gunn has finally revealed his phase-one plans for the next DCU, and it's certainly an interesting slate. Viola Davis will reprise her role as Amanda Waller, with the Academy Award winner planning her own spin-off program based on the popular DC character.

Season 2 of Peacemaker is safe as there was no cancellation announcement for the HBO Max series. And then there is Ezra Miller. Gunn and Peter Safran talked about the four DCU films that will be released this year. Of course, The Flash is the most well-known, and the co-CEOs say it will reimagine their universe:

With Ezra Miller, Gunn is taking a wait and see strategy.

Gunn states that everything starts after the first Superman film; however, the co-CEO has gone on record to state that he will utilize some of the actors from the past. That could include Ezra Miller, and Gunn has addressed the future of Miller's Flash and stated that he'll keep an eye on the actor until the time comes.

Gunn isn't going to reply in a clear manner here. DC is still working on The Flash this June, and they'll likely never say that Miller is done before the film premiere. Plenty of fans would wouldn't give the film any time of day if they knew that The Flash had no future.

Ezra Miller's Status is likely to be unknown until the film The Flash premieres in June.

The grooming claims are just that at the moment. Granted, Miller should be sent packing like Henry Cavill, Gal Gadot, and Ben Affleck, but it's important to get to the bottom of the situation before just reacting. It's quite possible that Gunn and Safran are playing it safe by stating that Miller might reprise his role as The Flash in the future. Even then, the box office statistics might help determine whether Miller will continue to work with the brand.

If Gunn decided to continue working with Ezra Miller, it would be a mistake. The DC Universe needs a fresh start in general, but keeping the DC universe's troublemaker will only enrage a good portion of fans. Of course, I could be wrong, and The Flash may turn out to be a billion-dollar film. We'll see when the official film is released on June 16.