Despite the NYT crossword claim, there are still issues

Despite the NYT crossword claim, there are still issues ...

Crossword puzzles have been the go-to breakfast dish for many years. But sometimes a crossword clue can be more of a headache than they are worth. Instead, you may want to look at the answer below.

The following crossword clues may have more than one answer, especially if they have been used in different crossword puzzles in the past. Make sure to double-check the letter count to ensure it fits in the grid.

"Nevertheless..." is the crossword answer for "Nevertheless."

The answer to the crossword clue "Nevertheless..." is this:

  • ANDYET (6 letters)

The clue and answer(s) above were last seen in the New York Times. It may also appear in other crossword publications, including the New York Times, the Wall Street Journal, and others.

There you have it, that's the answer to today's crossword puzzle. But why do you have to stop there? There are other helpful guides for additional crossword puzzle answers, as well as free online help for those who need help with other crossword puzzles.