Is Realism Required in a Horror Game? Fans are dissatisfied with the Ashley changes in the Resident Evil 4 remake

Is Realism Required in a Horror Game? Fans are dissatisfied with the Ashley changes in the Resident  ...

With the Resident Evil 2 Remake being released in 2019, Capcom has been releasing remake after remake in order to relaunch the franchise. It was the decision to remake the classics that sparked many developers to follow their lead.

Ashley's Re4 Remake Changes

Ashley's behavior in the original game was normal. She was a liability that required her to be addressed. These subtle changes make no sense for the side character you must protect who was once a little annoying and unruly. She is after all 20 years old and I doubt she would be sent out in such a harsh situation.

How to Play the Resident Evil Games in Order

Ashley's personality change is a positive one, according to fans, but this is changing with the latest Resident Evil games. Perhaps more depth should have been added to her in the original, while character development should have taken place. This could have been explored in the remake, but instead the decision was made.

Ashley's character has been transformed dramatically. No longer will she hide when you ask her to. Instead she will follow you wherever you go, no matter what the circumstance. Realism.

Capcom has moved onto the realm of realism. However, eliminating the option of concealing Ashley while you battle hoards of enemies was feasible. Yes, at times, it removed the notion that you were actually protecting Ashley in a time of actual distress. However, choosing to hide Ashley when Ganado appeared made sense to the overall theme of protecting Ashley.

If the AI is good, we may see a lot of players becoming frustrated when Ashley starts dying throughout the game. Instead, you will be too busy watching Ashley get hit. Similar to Resident Evil 5's co-op. Where you will have to revive her from the ground.

Ashley has undergone a dramatic appearance change. It would be wonderful if it was not for the obvious effort to not sexualize the character. However, the issue arises with the fact that this remake is being made by the exact same Developers. Therefore, these changes do not imply that it comes from a place of genuine change. It is a place to appease those who may find it offensive for Ashley to wear a short shirt.

Ashley's appearance, like the other Resident Evil characters, was well-known. Similar to dramatically changing James Sunderland's outfit in Silent Hill 2, the woman must be transformed to not offend.

When Resident Evil 8: Village introduced a new tall and what many regarded as attractive character, Lady Dimitrescu was sexualized the minute the audience saw her. With her sultry, deep voice, long nails, and general attractive appearances, you can see what Capcom was attempting to accomplish.

The fact that these changes were implemented for a “modern audience” is a problem. Such as the clothes a woman wears, or her attitude and behaviors being less desirable than a strong, independent woman. Games such as Timesplitters, Saints Row, and Destroy All Humans cannot be faithfully remade today. Due to its content being deemed inappropriate and offensive.

Is the remake necessary?

The remake does not seem to be necessary for many gamers, including myself. Similar to the previous Dead Space Remake, which was released on January 23rd, 2023. This is because to the fact that the game still looks and feels fantastic 15 years later. This is the case with the Resident Evil 4 Remake, where the only necessary adjustment is the aiming mechanism.

The Last of Us Remake, which was released in 2013, was primarily concerned with lighting and overall graphics. For those like myself who still own the original and a PS3, a remake would seem like a cash grab. This is the case for the Resident Evil 4 remake, which is considered to be the finest survival horror game ever made.


Although some fans may consider these to be positive changes, a majority are dissatisfied with the decision to move away from the original character of Resident Evil Ashley. Completely changing her into a different person is something that Developers and Directors must stop doing. It is down to the player what they find offensive and attractive. But no matter what changes are made, people will never be completely satisfied.

Ashley will inevitably, like all other cis women in a Video Game, be sexualized. I know this.

Ashley's opinion on these changes? Do you think that they will affect the game's overall experience? We've got what platforms Is Resident Evil 4 Remake coming to? and When Does Resident Evil 4 Remake Come Out?