Riot explains that obtaining high-quality skins that please everyone is impossible

Riot explains that obtaining high-quality skins that please everyone is impossible ...

I have also failed to connect with any of the recent Valorant skins – but then again, I'm pretty picky. Following the release of the VCT Lock In capsule and the stunning Misericórdia knife, I asked Riot how they've taken player feedback and used it to enhance the new melee weapon.

Preeti Khanolkar, the chief producer for cosmetics, says the team is always interested in receiving player feedback because it demonstrates their appreciation. However, nothing is worse than silence or indifference! So, we always thank players for listening and expressing their opinions!

"We are intentionally not trying to please everyone," she adds. "If you try to make something that everyone loves, you may end up disappointed." Likewise, if you like the Vandal, you might be surprised when a theme you like is replaced with a Phantom.

Misericórdia is just so unique that, in Khanolkar's eyes, you immediately recognize it as a Valuable one.

“What was really cool about this VCT Lock In knife (Misericórdia) was how many players expressed their appreciation that we had brought back the Xenohunter animations,” says the writer. “And for players who prefer the Xenohunter look (more realistic and military), Xenohunter already exists so they can stick with it.

"We hope Misericórdia appeals to players who liked the Xenohunter knife animation but wanted a bolder, colourful style or enjoy esports (and also want to contribute to the revenue share with the partner esports teams."

The Xenohunter skins (shown above) were fine, but they just weren't for me as I prefer more tactical games like Sentinels of Light. Misericórdia is an absolute must-have, especially if you have to spend extra money on Valorant.

Be sure to tune in and score some Valorant Twitch drops in preparation to emulate some of the pros who will be tearing it up in Brazil. Khanolkar and associate art director Sean Marino spoke about the creation of the Misericórdia knife.