A Hi-Fi Rush secret suggests that The Evil Within 3 might be coming to an end

A Hi-Fi Rush secret suggests that The Evil Within 3 might be coming to an end ...

Hi-Fi Rush, a rhythm game that launched in Game Pass, has a very hidden easter egg, implying that The Evil Within 3 might come back. Particularly from Tango Gameworks, the studio founded by Resident Evil master Shinji Mikami.

Hi-Fi Rush has since become a household name on Game Pass, winning over fans and critics with its mix of music, visuals, and a cute, pettable cat. Now, an eyed-eyed player has discovered a supremely hidden easter egg that may lead to the return of The Evil Within and a possible Evil Within 3.

An elevator readout during a cutscene for part 11 of Hi-Fi Rush displays recent news and weather reports. If you look to the very bottom of the screen, the news headline reads "Sequel to popular survival horror game franchise announced." You can see the exact moment in the video below.

Although this isn't a definitive confirmation, given that The Evil Within 2 was released all the way back in 2017, and it's the only survival horror series that Tango has worked on so far, it's possible that The Evil Within 3 might be in the works. The easter egg was first reported by GamesRadar, following a very perceptive reader's suggestion.

The Evil Within maintains the tense combat and precise inventory management that initially defined the survival horror genre, though Amnesia The Bunker, Alan Wake 2, the remake of Silent Hill 2, and the Resident Evil 4 release date.

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