The Red Forest map from Dead by Daylight is getting a makeover

The Red Forest map from Dead by Daylight is getting a makeover ...

In the next major update, another map in Dead by Daylight will get the Realm Beyond treatment. The Red Forest, which contains the Plague and the Huntress, will get a significant makeover, and developer Behaviour Interactive has shared some nice-looking screenshots of the rework. The update will also remove maps from repeating several times in a row.

The Red Forest update will, according to Behaviour, maintain the map's visual style while preserving both of the killer's respective stories, while bringing the visuals up to date with other projects the developer has revamped and modernized over the past few years.

As long as an Offering isn't used to keep the current map, Behaviour claims, the next map won't include any of the players who played last in the group, and those maps will have a higher chance of being drawn for the next several matches.

The update will also make some tweaks to perks, especially to Eruption, which is receiving a pretty significant nerf. Behaviour believes that the benefit was too powerful to ignore, and it was affecting solo players, who can't warn their teammates who are working on the generator to avoid being incapacitated.

Eruption is being altered by the developer so that generators lose 10% of their current progress rather than 10% of total progress, and that the incentive will not apply to survivors who are repairing the generator when it goes off for ten seconds.

The most recent developer update mentions some additional bonus features along the way, as well as suggestions for new outfits. Check out our ranked Dead by Daylight killers tier list, as well as our roundup of the best co-op games for more (potentially less-murdery) fun with friends.