The Terminator Hasta la vista, baby, may be the next DBD killer

The Terminator Hasta la vista, baby, may be the next DBD killer ...

A new Dead By Daylight murderer will be released in the horror game sometime in March, and a new teaser trailer has suggested that you might be able to continue killing people after all as, well, the Terminator. After all, there's little else to assume when you see a robotic skull with a red, glowing eye.

As you can see, the trailer prepares for a mechanical skull, before turning over to the robotic head shortly afterwards. With one glowing red eye, it makes sense that fans have come to the conclusion that The Terminator will be included in another licensed crossover.

Fans seem to be unconcerned about the upcoming chapter of the survival game Five Nights at Freddy's, with comments on an official tweet generally expressing their happiness at being mori'd by one of Skynet's finest.

As it is called Tools of Torment, it isn't a big leap to assume that this chapter focuses on the mechanical menace – Behaviour loves a bit of alliteration, as do I. What's more, the franchise includes the perfect killer and the perfect survivor, too – not least in Sarah Connor.

As a final confirmation is due on February 15, we'll be back (sorry) with more information about the next developer update, including new skins and a revamp to the Red Forest map.

Take a look at the DBD killer tiers already available in our DBD killer tier list, which you should focus on in your next match. As a fan of survival horror, you're probably also looking forward to the Sons of the Forest release date as well as the Resident Evil 4 remake release date, and there may even be another exciting announcement as The Evil Within 3 is teased in Hi-Fi Rush, the surprise hit of the year so far.