Resonant elements in Destiny 2 and deepsight attunement will be phased out

Resonant elements in Destiny 2 and deepsight attunement will be phased out ...

According to a recent post in the game's This Week at Bungie series, Destiny 2's resonant elements and deepsight attunement will be phased out as in-game elements until the Destiny 2 Lightfall release date. However, the process of distinguishing weapons with resonant elements, deepsight resonance, and extractable weapon patterns was still confusing for players as they embarked on their favourite activities.

"We'll also be eliminating the deepsight attunement goal as part of an attempt to integrate weapon crafting into the larger core economy."

According to the video, the game will continue to use resonant and harmonic alloys, but Bungie intends to modify them in the future. However, ascendant alloys used in weapon crafting will continue to be used for the time being.

As the excerpt implies, these appear to be relatively late-game changes prior to Lightfall and the introduction of the Destiny 2 Strand subclass.

The discontinuation of resonance elements and deepsight attunement objectives is welcomed among gamers. It makes much more sense to use straightforward currencies such as enhancement cores and glimmer to shape such weapons, which players already use to upgrade non-crafted weapons and armor.

Extractable resonant elements and deepsight resonance have been source of confusion for many players. As do weapons that have extractable weapon patterns, all red border weapons require players to level up the weapons to extract these elements or patterns.

Bungie has created a complicated weapon crafting unlock mechanism to encourage players to experiment with different weapons and perks. Players are likely to level up five weapons with different perk options, so they can ideally select the ones they like the most to craft the weapon. Alternatively, players may level up a specific weapon with their preferred perks only to discover they are at the maximum resonant elements.

Although players have differing views on whether or not weapon crafting is beneficial to the game's overall health, many players agree that farming the same things over and over to obtain a specific god roll is preferable. Recently, Bungie increased drop rates for red border weapons in activities such as the Destiny 2 King's Fall raid and the Destiny 2 Spire of the Watcher dungeon, responding to outcry that it was tedious to obtain enough red border weapons to obtain specific patterns.

While Destiny 2 weapon crafting rewards should not be difficult to earn, they should be accessible and the process for doing so should be straightforward. Unfortunately, the barrier for entry to understanding weapon pattern extractions, deepsight resonance, and resonant elements was too great for some players, preventing them from engaging in weapon crafting in the game at all.