The 3.2.1 patch for Battlefield 2042 corrects the issue of nerf dart guns

The 3.2.1 patch for Battlefield 2042 corrects the issue of nerf dart guns ...

Battlefield 2042's tracer dart gun will get a major boost next week. Update 3.2.1 includes the reversal of the'stealth' adjustments made in the previous patch, as well as some important changes for launchers.

The tracer dart gun has been used in several Battlefield games, and it works in tandem with launchers by firing a radio transponder tag that attaches to anything it hits. Launchers such as the recoilless M5 and the FGM-148 Javelin use that transponder tag as a lock-on target for guided missiles.

In many situations, this is even more useful than the SOFLAM target designation scope, since the tracer dart stays with the target for a long time, and it can be used on non-vehicle targets, particularly infantry. There's a good possibility that someone nearby will send a nice explosive care package their way.

Patch 3.2.1 reduces the tracer dart gun's wings by 50%, and dramatically reduces the weapon speed of the darts from 500 to 250 m/s, reducing their impact speed and falling to earth as they go.

Once the update is released, the FGM-148 Javelin will not be able to lock on to tracer dart transponders with direct line of vision.

According to EA/DICE, the changes aim to enhance the knowledge required to successfully use the tracer dart at long ranges, and that the SOFLAM is an additional option if you intend on doing so. However, the SOFLAM only serves to designate aircraft or ground vehicle targets, so dismounted recon scouts may breathe a little better.

The developer claims that the upgrade will take place sometime between February 13 and 17, but has not specified the exact date yet.

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