On Steam and Epic, Civ 6 DLC Rulers of the Sahara has announced a release date

On Steam and Epic, Civ 6 DLC Rulers of the Sahara has announced a release date ...

The Civ 6 DLC Rulers of the Sahara release date is announced by Firaxis, as well as a second pick for Mali, which was first introduced in Civilization 6 with the Gathering Storm expansion.

Ramses II, also known as Ramses the Great, is widely regarded as one of Egypt's nineteenth dynasty leaders, having only been absent from Civilization 3 (where Egypt was led by Cleopatra and Ramses appears as a military leader), having acted as the series' leader in every other game.

Sundiata Keita, one of the founders of the Mali empire, is famously depicted in a historical poem called the Epic of Sundiata, so it's possible that this will be reflected in culture-driven bonuses. You'll need to own the Civ 6 Gathering Storm DLC to play as Keita, as he leads the Mali civilization introduced in the expansion. Most players with the Leader Pass will likely already have purchased this (or the Civilization 6 Anthology edition), but

Cleopatra has already been identified as the first leader of Egypt in Civilization 6, but her Ptolemaic Cleopatra variant will give her a makeover with a new set of bonuses and unique units. Perhaps the more direct nod to the Ptolemaic dynasty means we'll see more of a focus on her constructing ourselves.

The release date for the Civ 6 Rulers of the Sahara game is February 16. As part of the Leader Pass, the Rulers of the Sahara DLC is free to players who own the Civilization 6 Anthology edition, or those who have purchased all of the content included in that edition prior to the release of the Leader Pass.

This latest release will be interesting to see if it will provide a shake-up to the best Civilization 6 civs. In the meantime, check out the best Civ 6 mods for plenty of great ways to expand on one of the best 4X games on PC.