In Dark and Darker, how do you get the Golden Key?

In Dark and Darker, how do you get the Golden Key? ...

Dark and Darker's goal is to obtain the best possible loot while exploring a dangerous dungeon with your pals. One of the finest locations to get the best loot is the treasure chambers behind the golden doors, but you need the Golden Key item to unlock these doors.

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In Dark and Darker, where can I find a Golden Key?

The simplest and easiest way to obtain a Golden Key is to purchase one from another player in the warehouse. It will cost players 1,000 gold to purchase one Golden Key, which can be expensive when you're just starting out. However, the key is worth the investment, as behind every Golden Door is a treasure chest full of valuable items.

Golden Keys are also a rare drop from Skeleton Champions, powerful skeleton monsters you will encounter during your quest through the dungeons. This method of acquiring a Golden Key is the most time-consuming because the odds of a Skeleton Champion dropping a key are low. However, killing Skeleton Champions might be your best choice.

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Another possible way to get a Golden Key is to pick one up from a deceased player. Dark and Darker require online functionality to play with your friends, and you will encounter other players as you traverse the various levels in the dungeon.