In Hogwarts Legacy, how do you prepare the broom?

In Hogwarts Legacy, how do you prepare the broom? ...

The broom is capable of being used for endless feats and zooming to places at an astonishing speed in Hogwarts Legacy. However, there are limitations to those who will need to equip a broom in Hogwarts Legacy.

In Hogwarts Legacy, how do you use your broom?

Before getting your broom, you must first complete your first flying class in Hogwarts. This quest is rather straightforward to earn, since completing it grants you the ability to acquire a broom in Hogsmeade.

The wheel shows all of your unlocked rides on the right side of the screen, and pressing the button next to each equips you with the required equipment. However, this will not always be the case. When you are unable to fly in certain areas, an icon near the HUD's mini map will also appear.

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The Magic Broom Broom may also be worth considering upgrading it once you have completed the Flying Test quest for Albie Weeks. It's possible that Floo Flames' quick traveling ability will provide the first possible boost you can unlock, increasing its speed and acceleration.