Dark and Darker How to Cast Spells

Dark and Darker How to Cast Spells ...

In Dark and Darker, magic spells are a powerful way to defeat enemies or other players. The issue with using them is that you need a character that is the correct class, and you need the right tools on your character to use them properly. Don't expect to cast spells anytime soon without the appropriate class, skill, or tools on your character.

Dark and Darker How to Cast Spells as a Wizard or Cleric

The Wizard and Cleric classes are the most versatile spellcasters. These two classes have access to a staff, a Crystal Sword, a tome, and a crystal ball. The Wizard can carry a wide range of tools, but can also use a magical staff to cast a spell.

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The first step in making up your character's Spell Memory is to select the appropriate spell tools. Under the Perks and Skills tab, there is a slot called Spell Memory. You may modify those options on the Spell page as long as you have at least one of your Skill tabs with the Spell Memory option.

On the Spell page, you may select which spells you want to bring with you in the dungeon. The more powerful spells will take up more Spell Memory priority and have a cost limit. You may also use spells blanked out in the Spell Memory Priority list if your character does not have a Knowledge skill.

When you enter a dungeon, you must acquire the magic item your character requires to perform any spell, be it a staff, a Crystal Sword, or any other choice. Then, click on the Skill ability where your Spell Memory is located, and select any of the spells you want to use on your character. Afterward, your character will begin to perform the spell, gaining its benefits over your enemies or pals.