How to Find the Missing Pages in Jackdaws Rest in Hogwarts Legacy

How to Find the Missing Pages in Jackdaws Rest in Hogwarts Legacy ...

In Hogwarts Legacy, you meet a thief named Richard Jackdaw and have to track him down in a massive cave known as "Jackdaw's Tomb," which is populated with gigantic spiders. The point you want to find his remains is that he was holding the pages of an ancient book when he died, but discovering them is difficult.

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Where can I find the missing pages in Jackdaw's Tomb?

The path through Jackdaw's Tomb is straightforward at first. Soon after you enter the cave, you'll come to a locked door that you can unlock by hitting the three nearby symbols with simple attacks in quick succession. Just move the camera and auto-target.

Follow the tunnel, avoiding the spider's web, then battling some spiders. Continue down the main path, south and east, avoiding any additional spiders along the way. One of the symbols is hidden on the left (you can find it with Revelio).

Continue following the southwest path until you reach Accio, then jump on the platform and use Accio again to fill the gap.

Follow the trail around to the left to fight a few more spiders. After the cave opens out, turn north, dropping into the shallow pool. Now open the gate by hitting the symbol next to the gate. Look for the missing pages on Jackdaw's Remains.