Who is Ish in the Last of Us?

Who is Ish in the Last of Us? ...

Both avid gamers and enthusiastic television viewers embraced The Last of Us with open arms. The game excelled in not only crafting an amazing narrative, but also blending environmental storytelling to fill its world. In episode five of "Endure and Survive," the group stumbles upon an underground community and a note revealing its leader, Ish.

Is Ish in HBO's The Last of Us show?

In episode 5, Joel, Ellie, Henry, and Sam discover the ruins of a once prosperous Kansas City town. The walls are painted with children's nursery art, and Joel discovers a kid's drawing of Ish and Danny.

Is Ish in The Last of Us game?

This underground community is managed by Ish in the game. However, it is long gone when the player stumbles upon it. Through notes and environmental storytelling in the sewers, the player can unravel the mystery of what happened down here.

Ish is a boat captain who went to sea by himself shortly after the outbreak day. Because of dwindling supplies, he is eventually forced to shore. He does not relate to the hunters of Pittsburgh, who kill without remorse. Instead, he seeks refuge in the sewers near the city.

Ish meets Kyle, the leader of a group of individuals who are just attempting to survive without hostilities, and Ish invites them all into his hideout.

Over time, this small community has grown into a safe haven for many survivors. They manage to build a school for the children, and develop a sense of normalcy with Ish and another man named Danny, who are responsible for protecting the masses. There are guidelines to follow, and traps to avoid.

Kyle and a few of the children seek shelter by locking themselves in the nursery, unable to escape the terror of being mauled by infected. He uses chalk to write a message to anyone who stumbles upon the bodies.

Ish is one of the few survivors who survives the massacre. He takes the few remaining people and children and shuts off the entrance to the sewers, leaving a warning that the infection has spread to the surrounding area. The player enters the sewers from a different side, but never sees the warning until it's too late.

What happens to Ish and the remaining members of the party is never fully determined. Traces of their time outside the sewers are discovered in the abandoned houses, and Ish still has hope for them after seeing what they created beneath the ground.