Dragon Ball Rage codes from Roblox (February 2023)

Dragon Ball Rage codes from Roblox (February 2023) ...

Dragon Ball Rage is a captivating game that transports you to the exciting world of Dragon Ball Z. With its immersive gameplay and stunning graphics, Dragon Ball Rage allows you to experience the epic battles and intense action of the popular anime series. Dragon Ball Rage has something for everyone.

Choose your favorite character, strengthen your character, and defeat fiery foes in epic battles that will leave you breathless. Use the Dragon Ball Rage codes to get quick boosts to your levels.

Roblox Dragon Blox codes are available for download.

Dragon Ball Rage codes list for Roblox Dragon Ball Rage

  • Sub2Acausal — Reward: 30 minutes of x2 XP (New)
  • TEST — Reward: 10 minutes of 5x XP
  • Sub2Metalizer — Reward: 1 million stats
  • Ralex4ev3r — Reward: 60 minutes of 2x XP
  • D3V_4U — Reward: 10 minutes of 5x XP
  • SUB2DANIELGT — Reward: free Zenkai
  • S0rryGuys — Reward: free Zenkai
  • Sa1y4nB1zmo34 — Reward: 120 minutes of 2x XP

Roblox Dragon Soul Codes

How to Redeem Roblox Dragon Ball Rage Codes

Follow these steps to redeem Roblox Dragon Ball Rage codes.

  • Run Dragon Ball Rage on your device.
  • Click on the Menu in the middle
  • Scroll sideways to open Settings
  • At the bottom left, there is a place to enter codes
  • Type any code there and redeem it to get rewards.

What can I do to get more Roblox Dragon Ball Rage codes?

There are a few places you can find more Roblox Dragon Ball Rage codes. Twitter is a great resource for codes, as the game's developer, Dracius, often shares them there. YouTube is another great option since the developer may include codes in their videos. Also, the game's official Discord server also has codes posted in different channels or shared by other players.

There may be a few reasons why Roblox Dragon Ball Rage codes aren't working. One common reason is that the codes may have expired, which means they can't be redeemed for rewards in the game. Another reason is that there may be a typo or error when entering the code, which might prevent it from working correctly.

In Roblox Dragon Ball Rage, how do you fly?

Double-tap the spacebar to fly in Roblox Dragon Ball Rage. If you want to fly faster, hold down the Shift key while flying. This will allow you to explore open-world environments and engage in thrilling battles with other players.

What is Roblox Dragon Ball Rage?

The Roblox Dragon Ball Rage is an online multiplayer game developed by Roblox. Based on the popular Dragon Ball anime and manga series, players can design their own characters, choose from a variety of abilities, and engage in intense battles with other players. The game has a vast open world in which players can explore and complete quests, collect rare items, and collect rare items.