A Diligent World of Warcraft player obtains a max level without ever leaving the Exiles Reach starting ship

A Diligent World of Warcraft player obtains a max level without ever leaving the Exiles Reach starti ...

World of Warcraft leveling is based on the desire to explore and complete quests through combat and other activities. Over the years, Azeroth and the world beyond, has become a fantastic place to go for leveling fun, with many different locations to choose. One diligent player, however, chose to remain passively sitting at the initial spawn point for new characters on the Exile's Reach starting area boat. Here they used clever tactics and patience to reach max level.

To be fair, the player does require a bit of work, but not the character that is being leveled. The player in question posted a video on Reddit explaining how to reach max level without leaving the Exile's Reach starting ship or interacting with anything outside the quest menu.

Five daily quests to defeat specific Pet Battlers across Azeroth are available in World of Warcraft. These quests are account-wide, meaning they may be completed on any character on one account, and completed through the quest log on another. The idea here is to make sure that these quests are completed every day on the character still on the starting ship.

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This is the ideal method to passively level a character as they never have to participate in combat, grouping, or anything other than clicking through the quest menu. It takes as little as five minutes per day to complete, with going from level 60 to 70 taking about 60 real days.

While Patience is key here, it is fun to know that a pacifist World of Warcraft run may be possible without ever having played the game, provided there is a character capable of supplying the completed quests to the leveling toon. It will be interesting to see if Blizzard allows it to continue.