The return date for Season 5 of Yellowstone episode 9 is an order change

The return date for Season 5 of Yellowstone episode 9 is an order change ...

Could a change for episode 9 in the wake of everything that has happened this week when it comes to Yellowstone season 5 be expected? Let's just say that we would more than understand.

Consider the following for the time being: If Kevin Costner's availability is at risk, isn't it appropriate to wonder if the Paramount Network might reduce its programming throughout the season? That might allow them to better manage his schedule and make it seem like John Dutton isn't there; however, we doubt it.

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No need to reintroduce for a moment that all parties had already agreed to do the 14 episodes this season? Furthermore, it is well worth noting that there are likely to be a few new scripts on the way, too.

We tend to think that at the moment, all parties concerned is to try and stay on board for as long as possible. That is the confidence that everyone is going to be able to maintain things steady for the remainder of the season, especially since there is already a return date scheduled for the summer.

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