Zach Shallcross and Instagram-gate spoilers for The Bachelor episode 4

Zach Shallcross and Instagram-gate spoilers for The Bachelor episode 4 ...

Prepare for ABC's The Bachelor episode 4 drama — after all, one of Zach Shallcross' women is about to violate a crucial episode's code. When it comes to social media fame, you can't say the quiet part out loud!

Let's be honest for a minute: Almost everyone comes on the program, in part, because they want to be famous. If they just wanted true love without the fame, there are a thousand other options for it. You can be there for Zach and also social media, but the amount of people who are there for him solely and don't care about the celebrity factor is probably relatively low for The Bachelorette and every other part of Bachelor Nation as a whole.

Here's the problem: You can't get Instagram followers while you're on the show! It's almost as if you're not paying attention to your online presence; it's probably more beneficial to you than talking about it. Someone mentions it on The Bachelor Monday, and Zach questions whether that woman is genuine. (See more in a preview here.)

If we're Zach, we've got to know. He's likely aware that almost every person on this program desires some degree of fame, but most people have the self-awareness to ignore it. He sent Christina home on the basis of some household drama, and we already know that.

What we're trying to convey is this: Unless the woman who talked about followers was already a fan, this may not go well for them.

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Jessica BunBun wrote this article.