The Witcher Season 3 premiere date is set for August 3, according to the Odds of Super Bowl

The Witcher Season 3 premiere date is set for August 3, according to the Odds of Super Bowl ...

Is there any chance that Season 3 of The Witcher will get a premiere date reveal during Super Bowl weekend? On paper, this might seem a bit random, but it doesn't matter when you consider Netflix's history.

What we've learned over the years about streaming services is that they tend to put some of their shows in a variety of different categories. The Witcher, at least to us, is at the top end of the list, alongside other huge hits like Wednesday, Squid Game, and Stranger Things. They will likely spare no expense when it comes to promotion of it, and will do everything in their power to ensure that viewers know when it will be back on the air.

When you think solely about this, we do think there's a decent chance that a season 3 premiere date will be announced this weekend via some sort of 30-second video, with a longer trailer coming closer to the premiere. Even if a big-budget television show is unlikely to be released this summer, there's no better launch pad out there!

There is also a reason not to do it, though: Things may still be a little bit fluid. If things need to be postponed for whatever reason, you may have to change the premiere date. After spending millions on a Super Bowl commercial with a date that ends up being inaccurate, we're not sure this is a worthwhile investment.

For the time being, we think it's unlikely that Netflix will release an ad on the show this year... but a small possibility remains. It may be included alongside a montage of other shows.

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Jessica BunBun wrote this article.