The Handmaids Tale season 6 premiere date: Is there a solid plan?

The Handmaids Tale season 6 premiere date: Is there a solid plan? ...

The journey to The Handmaid's Tale season 6 and then Hulu is going to be long, and that's something that seems abundantly clear at this point, even though we wish it wasn't so. The Elisabeth Moss series isn't in production on new episodes at present, and the final season looks like it's ten months away, if not longer.

Can we at least take comfort in the fact that there is some relative stability behind the scenes while we go through this tense hiatus until the end of 2023/2024?


We should first and foremost note this — ever since Hulu's fifth season ended last year, it seemed like there was a clear plan for the show going forward. In a lot of ways, he has to — remember that there is also The Testaments out there, provided that Hulu approves it. (For the time being, it is in development.) We also think the shooting schedule here has to be finalized far in advance, given that Moss is extremely busy.

The Handmaid's Tale should resume its remaining episodes, and we're confident that a detailed campaign will be launched whenever it feels like. (If not, then early in the winter.)

Is 2023 the correct year for the final season?

Please include your thoughts right now in the attached comments! Of course, keep an eye on this page to ensure you don't miss out on any additional information going forward. (Photo: Hulu.)