Is there a plan behind the scenes for YOU season 5?

Is there a plan behind the scenes for YOU season 5? ...

We know that we are halfway through YOU season 4 on Netflix, but is there a suggestion for season 5? It may seem ridiculous, but it certainly feels this way! Joe Goldberg's story is in some ways finite, mostly because it seems like there are only so many times you can tell a story with similar notes to it. Yet, therein lies the difficulty — to make all of these notes feel like a part of a different story.

While there may be no official renewal for season 5, just go ahead and know that there are definitely some topics that are being discussed already.

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Sera Gamble, showrunner for The Hollywood Reporter, talked about the current four-season plan, as well as a little bit more about where things might be going a little later on.

We've got an idea for season five that we're all excited about. It was never intended by anyone to toss this one out of the bag. We'll get back to work when we've finished. And we'll pack it up. Even in the early conversations with Penn [Badgley], we wanted to convey the whole story. We're not trying to sell Joe as any sort of a straight face in this one.

We can personally envision a season 5 for this program as the end of the road, partly because Netflix programs in general don't have a long tradition of being on the air for long periods of time. Often, we get to a point where the service wants to move on. Let's just hope everyone involved has time to plan something out.

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