A New Jay Hernandez TV Interview is scheduled for Magnum PI season 5

A New Jay Hernandez TV Interview is scheduled for Magnum PI season 5 ...

Just in case you needed another reminder that NBC has done a fantastic job in promoting Magnum PI season 5, here is something new for you today! Come Thursday, February 16, you will have a chance to see Jay Hernandez as a guest on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon.

Just from a logistical standpoint, what the network has done thus far in terms of pushing this season is nothing short of amazing. Because of that, Jay will need to travel from Hawaii to other places in the country to execute this. Then, return to Hawaii to continue working after the fact.

We're certain that this particular Tonight Show interview will have its fair share of enjoyable moments, especially as Jay describes the feeling of returning and doing this show after being temporarily canceled. This is such a unique experience for any program, and we've already seen that the producers are taking full advantage of this new lease on life. Moving forward, you'll be able to see plenty of action, drama, and other good stuff.

Remember that Jay's late-night appearance comes after he attended TCA earlier this year, as well as how NBC has distributed several trailers for the program, as well as synopses, promos, and billboards in various locations in Los Angeles. All of this will hopefully help get the show numbers closer to what they did at CBS; we recognize that this is a tough timelot, but anything is still feasible at the end of the day.

Now, let's hope for more fun TV appearances from the cast as the season progresses!

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