Bridgerton season 3 premiere date: Is there a chance for a Super Bowl reveal?

Bridgerton season 3 premiere date: Is there a chance for a Super Bowl reveal? ...

Is there any possibility that we might hear more about a Bridgerton season 3 premiere date sometime during the Super Bowl this weekend?

We should begin this essay by noting that on paper, it might not seem like this makes a lot of sense. The biggest NFL game in the world doesn't have much in common with a British period drama, yet, we tend to think that there are reasons why Netflix would still consider this.

For starters, remember that we have seen them do things like this before! Why would they at least contemplate doing something similar over and over again in this vein? Bridgerton may not be the same as Stranger Things when it comes to the amount of attention that they are willing to give it.

Now, on to the bad news: While there are many reasons why the streaming service would want to have a season 3 trailer or premiere date announced during the Super Bowl, it will not happen — at least for this year! For starters, the program isn't quite finished yet, and in the end, Penelope's story will likely take a while to return.

The next Queen Charlotte series will be the most likely thing to be promoted by Netflix during the big game. After all, that program is much closer to returning.

Could Bridgerton season 3 extend into 2024?

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Jessica BunBun contributed to this article.