Why the long wait for Power Book II: Ghost Season 3?

Why the long wait for Power Book II: Ghost Season 3? ...

We are waiting for a Starz Power Book II: Ghost season 3 teaser. Why would we? We are talking about a show that is well-known and expected on March 17.

At the time of this writing, the show is just under five weeks away from its return. That's exciting, but it'd certainly be more valuable if we got some footage of Michael Rainey Jr. and the rest of the cast.

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What are the Starz employees waiting for at this point? It's more a case of them waiting for the right moment to share something. Clearly, we are not there as yet, but this is a place that we should be at pretty soon.

After what happened at the end of season 2, we believe a lot of it will depend on how Tariq is attempting to establish a fresh situation in his life. Brayden's relationship with him is still to be established. Will the latter be limited to the hedge fund world?

Monet is continuing to make changes in the wake of losing her son Zeke. This was someone who represented a way out of this situation, and now, we're left to wonder how she'll proceed. She still has the rest of her family... but to put it mildly at this point, it's a bad joke.

Rashad Tate is 100% returning over the course of Season 3 of Power Book II: Ghost.

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