The Bachelor episode 4 spoilers: Zachs women travel abroad!

The Bachelor episode 4 spoilers: Zachs women travel abroad! ...

The Bachelor's next episode is coming to an end on Monday night, and things are beginning to shift at this stage in the journey.

For the purposes of this article, we mean this geographically more so than anything else. This is great mostly because we rarely see the show go somewhere this tropical early on in a season. Usually, this feels reserved for closer to hometown dates or later on in the season.

Jesse Palmer gives a sneak peek over there, showing off some of the good news to the women that they are leaving the mansion, and of course, there's a lot of instant enthusiasm. Of course, everyone is ready to begin the next phase of the season.

What will take place during the course of this episode? There will be some individual moments for a couple of women, but also a group date, and a lot of drama. One of the main stories here is something we've seen in the past: Suspicion that one of the women is more interested in becoming a part of Zach's journey.

There are a few unwritten guidelines to this franchise that you must follow. If you don't, it might cause you serious issues down the line.

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Jessica BunBun wrote this article.