Why the long wait for Blue Bloods season 13 episode 14?

Why the long wait for Blue Bloods season 13 episode 14? ...

Blue Bloods Season 13 episode 14 is expected to be released on CBS in the near future, but we'll be waiting for a while. There are currently no new episodes scheduled until March, and that leads us to the next big question: why is it necessary to wait so long for something more?

The first thing to remember is that it is quite uncommon for the Donnie Wahlberg - Tom Selleck series to have such a short hiatus during the season. After all, we've already seen them on so many occasions! The main thing that always makes it so difficult with this show is the simple fact that there is no synopsis or promo out there for what's coming next.

CBS likes to do this in general because they still follow an old-school television design. That is, they want you to receive 18-22 episodes of a given program from late September / October until late April or early May. Even right in the middle of a streaming era, they haven't wanted to stray from that.

Also, keep in mind that Blue Bloods does the majority of its shows during the season, and because of that, they will need to spend more time getting some more ready. This is what we are seeing here, and that will be the case again in season 14 (provided that we get one — for the time being, we are optimistic).

Blue Bloods does a fantastic job in the ratings, which means it still has some value for the network even when it isn't on the air.

Are you sad to be waiting so long for something to happen? Share immediately in the attached comments! Once you have done all that, please come back — there are still a lot more updates to come. (Photo: CBS.)

Jessica BunBun wrote this article.