Season 6 of SWAT: New ratings strengthen the case for season 7

Season 6 of SWAT: New ratings strengthen the case for season 7 ...

There is still no official SWAT season 7 renewal over at CBS at the moment, but there are plenty of reasons to be optimistic!

According to a TVLine report, the season 6 episode of the Shemar Moore series last night received 5.62 million viewers, the largest total live audience in over four years. That suggests that the series' strength as a part of the Friday-night lineup has also proven to be somewhat optimistic.

When it comes to year-over-year comparisons, here's something to keep an eye on: Season 6 has jumped more than 15% in live viewers than season 5, and it's almost even in the 18-49 demographic. Almost any network out there would pour champagne for a year-over-year increase in total viewers.

When you think about all of this, it feels like a season 7 is inevitable. Years ago, we've been less concerned, but this time around, there is solid evidence to support the return of the program — even without raising DVR ratings or streaming statistics.

When will CBS issue a SWAT renewal, provided of course that it takes place? We know that typically, the network authorizes additional episodes in late March or April, and that may be the case here. However, it's also possible that they could wait until we get around to May. They don't have any need to rush a renewal along except to make fans happy.

The most important thing to remember is this: We're more optimistic about this program's future than we've been in a long time.

What's next for this program?

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Jessica BunBun contributed to this article.