Season 6 of Snowfall spoilers: Show EP on emotional conclusion

Season 6 of Snowfall spoilers: Show EP on emotional conclusion ...

Snowfall season 6 will be the final season on FOX, as many of you may already know. That's a difficult thing to think about! Yet, we now have to prepare to say goodbye... even if we don't want to.

What can we say about the road's end? Let's take a look at co-creator Dave Andron, who has done an excellent job of preserving the legacy established in the beginning by John Singleton. He wants revenge on Teddy for taking his fortune and shutting him out, but will he really understand it?

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In a recent TVLine interview on this topic, here's what Andron had to say about the end of the road and what Singleton would have thought of it:

“I think we finished the story in a really unexpected and unexpected way... It's very emotional, and I think it's really enjoyable, and I think that's what he'd have desired. I believe he'd be very happy with where we went.”

Of course, just because we anticipate what will happen next with Franklin, does not imply that the path ahead is that clear. More than likely, there will be a lot of different turns and turns ahead, the same ones that the show has shown over the years.

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Jessica BunBun wrote this article.