Is Saturday Night Live coming to NBC on February 11, 2023?

Is Saturday Night Live coming to NBC on February 11, 2023? ...

Is Saturday Night Live coming to NBC tonight? After the wonderful Pedro Pascal episode, it's understandable to want more! Also, remember that this is Super Bowl Weekend and if you wanted to do some funny, topical sketches, wouldn't this be a good opportunity to do them?

Unfortunately, an opportunity does not always equal the prospect of experiencing something new. Tonight is the last episode of the sketch show, and there won't be another for the next couple of weeks. The series will resume on February 25, with Woody Harrelson returning once more to host.

Is it a mistake to forego a fresh episode of Saturday Night Live right in the middle of a season? This is where we remind you that it is quite commonplace that we get a large hiatus right in the middle of a season, even if that's a pretty disconcerting thing to think about.

It makes sense to expect at least one or two more host posts over the course of the month of March. After that, we may get another break again. We do tend to believe that over the course of this current hiatus, we'll learn at least one more upcoming host. Honestly, it would be a bit weird if we didn't.

Personally, we'd like to see at least one former cast member in March! The show has done a fine job of booking hosts as of late, but we like a little nostalgia here and there.

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Be sure to let us know what you think in the comments! Then, stay tuned for more info on the show as well as the future. (Photo: NBC.)