Do Henry and Sam Die in The Last of Us?

Do Henry and Sam Die in The Last of Us? ...

Henry and Sam die in episode 5 of the Last of Us TV series, which is, unfortunately, the same fate they suffer in the game.

Sam becomes infected in the game, forcing Henry to shoot and kill him reluctantly. Henry then shoots himself, which is how the fifth episode of the show unfolds as well.

As even though Sam is absent, we can glimpse the amazing friendship he builds with Ellie in such a short span of time.

The two main characters in the series are excellently played, thanks to the actor who plays Henry and the actor who plays Sam.

Although the fate of the characters is fairly close to the source material, there are a few major differences.

For one, in the game, Henry blames Joel's death. Before fatally ending his own life, Henry points the revolver at Joel, claiming it was "all [Joel's] fault" and then kills himself.

Henry cannot believe what he has done in the show, and instead of blaming Joel, he blames himself. He ends his own life racked with the guilt of killing his brother.

The effect, while minor, is quite similar. The main plot line of Henry and Sam unfortunate deaths and Joel and Ellie becoming noticeably affected remains the same.

Joel places a note on Sam's grave with the words "I'm sorry." This insinuates she is in some form of guilt after she failed to "cure" Sam with her blood.

Joel watches his traveling companion with a somber expression as she departs.

It will be interesting to see how Joel and Ellie deal with these fatalities as they grow closer. In the game, Joel simply tells her not to mention them again.

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