Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur celebrate R&B, street art, and a new generation of Marvel heroes

Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur celebrate R&B, street art, and a new generation of Marvel heroes ...

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Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur is out today, as part of the lingering buzz surrounding Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania on Disney+. The duo is playing the smartest 13-year-old in the Marvel Comics series of the same name, as well as traveling to some lesser-known locations in the Marvel Universe.

"We started talking about this program as early as 2016," says executive producer Steve Loter of Geek magazine. "We actually wanted to make sure that we got it right. We recognized the significance of the program. But we also wanted to make sure that it had all the components it needed. The music, the humor, and the drama."

The program is strikingly animated, with bright colors popping out against a bizarrely lived-in and accurate depiction of NYC's Lower East Side neighborhood.

"We wanted to make New York a character in itself," says producer Rodney Clouden. "It's not slick; it's grainy. It's got atmosphere, it's got history, and we drew on the influences of street art, graffiti, Andy Warhol screen printing, offsetting techniques, Basquiat. We just wanted to look real cool."

It's also a pleasant experience, with extended "mixtape sequences" that help tell the story.

“They’re basically music video sequences, where everything comes together, the action, the music, and we switch to different color palettes,” says producer Pilar Flynn. It's just pure nonstop magic and poppy, stunning colors.”

Raphael Saadiq, a R&B legend, is responsible for creating the show's themes. Loter took a unique strategy in bringing the producer on board.

“I went down there, first in line,” Loter adds. “In the 30 seconds he was signing my record, I convinced him to go on to the program. He was signed on to the program.”


Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur's voices were briefly interviewed to discuss the new Marvel series!


"My initial thought was this is something that I needed when I was growing up." It's a historic event, and it inspires all young children like me to believe that quantum physics is cool and that one girl can make a difference.

DEVIL DINOSAUR (Fred Tatasciore)

“He’s a 10-ton dog! He loves Lunella and would do anything for her. They’re partners and friends. Where I am weak, she's strong [and vice versa]. He prefers to be with her. That's his home.”

POPS (Gary Anthony Williams)

"Pops is Lunella's great-dad. He started this roller rink back in the 1970s... and he's making something that's inclusive for the whole community."

Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur are now available on the Disney Channel and will be available on Disney+ on February 15.