Deku Begins His Dark Arc In My Hero Academia Season 6 Episode 19

Deku Begins His Dark Arc In My Hero Academia Season 6 Episode 19 ...

This My Hero Academia review contains spoilers.

My Hero Academia Season 6 Episode 19

"Let us protect you."

"We're no longer going to depend on heroes."

Deku's ascension to becoming the world's greatest hero has been chronicled in My Hero Academia. He's now free to follow the rules, learn from the pros, and be a hero for those who have given up on the concept. Yet, it also reveals a different side of "Dark Hero Deku" that's both intimidating and inspiring.

“Full Power!!” is lost in the aftermath of the Paranormal Liberation War, when society as a whole remains largely shell shocked and unsure how to best defend themselves. Police and amateur heroes, like Grand and Turtle Neck, are sent out to treat society's broken chest wound, only to realize that they are protected.

In My Hero Academia, heroes have shot many times from the public, but this is by far the worst state of society: anyone who is heroic is deemed indecent, no one can properly perform their job, and society is wary to extend anounce of trust to anyone. This is sad, yet also the complete opposite of what Pro Hero Society wants to achieve, and, oddly enough, it's closer to the nihilistic message that Hero Killer: Stain preached to the general public.

Muscular, a burly villain who hasn't been significant since Season 3's Forest Training Camp explosion, emerges from the city's chaos in an attempt to capitalize on his carnage. He's never looked better than in "Full Power!!" as he attempts to eliminate the pure muscle mass. He's time to let a real hero go around.

Deku feels like a new character upon his return, and this edgier style is the perfect complement to My Hero Academia's progressively darker tone. Midoriya's intentions are arguably more pure than ever, but Dark Deku's relentless drive is designed to exude dominance through respect.

Gran Torino's cape is a simple, yet elegant touch that honors physical mementos from his mentors just as he preserves psychological traces of previous One For All bearers. He isn't just some random villain, he's also a character in the film.

Midoriya's suffocating dominance over Muscular is astonishing, considering how far along he's come in a matter of months. Deku seamlessly navigates between his many Quirks at a moment's notice, allowing him to be his best heroic self in any situation. But Muscular nonetheless sees this encounter as a rare opportunity to make up for lost regrets, which in this case involves properly disciplining a kid to a pulp.

Midoriya is able to go all out, which is significantly more powerful than the time when his powers clashed with Muscular. Several stunning splash panel victory shots give us a glimpse of Deku in all of his heroic glory. In a season that has looked fantastic, Dark Deku's fight with Muscular remains a major highlight.

The accelerated pace that My Hero Academia has adopted during the second half of season six has been beneficial to the show. That being said, "Full Power!!" is a good example of why the show should have been centered on a rewarding period of training and self-reflection. If My Hero Academia had chosen instead to spend time training with Midoriya and All Might, this reveal might be weakened.

"Full Power!!" is a solid start to My Hero Academia's final chapter, and while it doesn't disappoint, it still feels like a prelude to something much bigger. Midoriya's newly empowered state as he heads down the lonely path of martyrdom is a solid reset the table and My Hero Academia's strength continues to shine.