After that killer reveal, the i>YOU/i> EP previews what's next for Joe in Season 4 Part 2

After that killer reveal, the i>YOU/i> EP previews what's next for Joe in Season 4 Part 2 ...

If you thought Part 1 of YOU's fourth season was enjoyable, you're absolutely not prepared for what's in Part 2.

The first five episodes of Season 4, now available on Netflix, introduce Joe's new pal Rhys (Ed Speleers) as the so-called "Eat the Rich Killer." Darker, Rhys threatens to pin all of his crimes on Joe if he doesn't kill Kate's obnoxously smarmy friend Roald. Joe does not, however, pledges to overthrow Rhys once and for all, a move that is made much more complicated by Rh

“It’s really becoming more about the relationship between Joe and the killer,” showrunner Sera Gamble tells TVLine. “I don’t know if we can say he's worse, but he's equally as bad.” Rhys does not suffer the same degree of agony and shame as Joe does. That, to us, is fascinating.

Speleers dismisses that notion, stating that Rhys' lack of self-doubt was one of the main reasons he pursued this role. “I wanted the opportunity to be a part of something that was so complex and dark.”

Gamble says the idea for splitting YOU's fourth season into two parts — season 1 premiered weekly on Lifetime and Seasons 2 and 3 on Netflix — was pitched to her and the show's other executive producers by the streamer.

"We were already through the season at that point," Gamble says. "We never really gave up on a season in terms of having a great midseason cliffhanger." "The second half is a completely different story about murderers. At the end of Episode 5, we were delivering a massive estate fire and revealing the killer."

The remaining five episodes of YOU's fourth season (aka Part 2) will be available on Netflix on March 9th. Were you surprised by Rhys' shocking revelation? What are your thoughts, fears, and theories at this time? Grade Part 1 in our poll below, and share your thoughts.