In Hogwarts Legacy, how do I solve the Brocburrow Merlin trial?

In Hogwarts Legacy, how do I solve the Brocburrow Merlin trial? ...

With the release of Hogwarts Legacy, wizards and witches around the world have begun their latest magical adventures. There's a lot to discover in the Wizarding World and plenty of puzzles to solve.

The Merlin Trials will be difficult to spot early on in the game. Players will first discover them from Nora Treadwell in Lower Hogsfield, which is just south of Hogwarts, at the start of their adventures. Once you've completed Treadwell's quest, you'll unlock the Merlin Trials around the Wizarding World.

In the open world, there are a total of 95 Merlin Trials for players to explore. Some are simpler to solve than others, while others are quite difficult. Some of them involve spells you may not discover until later in the game.

Each puzzle will require you to move objects around on different platforms with Accio, while others require you to ignite stones with Incendio.

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The Merlin Trial in Brocburrow is a fairly straightforward puzzle to solve, but players may have trouble finding the actual puzzle once the platform has been activated.

In Hogwarts Legacy, Brocburrow Merlin Trial is a feasible solution.

The Brocburrow Merlin Trial is one of the many puzzles that require the Accio spell. First, place Mallowsweet leaves on the platform found in the middle of the town, then south down a dirt road until you reach a hollowed-out platform.

Run up the hill, passing small walls constructed of stacked rocks, until you see a massive sphere. Place Accio on the sphere to get it rolling down the hill in the direction of the hollowed-out platform. It will eventually make its way to the platform, although you may need to cast Accio a couple more times to ensure it goes in the correct direction.