Well, Well, Well, Location on the Hogwarts Legacy Map

Well, Well, Well, Location on the Hogwarts Legacy Map ...

The majority of Hogwarts Legacy quests require players to complete the relatively simple task of navigating the surrounding area to solve a puzzle or locate an object. Others may require more effort, such as the "Well, Well, Well" sidequest, which requires players to travel a great distance to see it through.

When do you unlock a broom in Hogwarts Legacy?

This sidequest does not exist within Hogwarts castle, and players will not be able to undertake it until they have obtained the courage to go beyond the castle walls, so take a moment to research this mysterious well's treasure.

In Hogwarts Legacy, where is the proper place to look for the 'Well Well Well' sidequest?

Players may begin this quest by approaching the magical talking well in the east corner of the South Hogwarts region, which will immediately begin telling players about an annoying piece of paper.

The well asks players if they would like to assist by dumping a piece of parchment that someone tossed into it. The player will be presented with the following treasure map.

How to Find the Treasure Map in the Well's Treasure Map

During quests like this, the location that players must travel to is usually close by, but players will need to travel across almost the entire map to do so.

Players must trek to the Feldcroft Region, situated near the very bottom of the world map. The exact location players must reach is a destroyed castle situated in the highlands in this region.

Without a broom or flying mount, it is difficult to reach the treasure site. It will cause players a lot of trouble as they have to climb the mountain and navigate sharp edges near a deep canyon.

Once you have found the castle, go around until you see a bridge that leads up to a mysterious tree. Approach it and it will be highlighted, which means that you may cast a spell on it.

The tree will levitate to reveal a small chest hidden among the roots. Approach it and grab your loot quickly. Doing so will bring the "Well, Well, Well" sidequest to a stop and grant you a new asset.

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