With a season 3 reveal, Noxcrews MCC returns from a hiatus

With a season 3 reveal, Noxcrews MCC returns from a hiatus ...

Noxcrew and Smajor have officially announced the third season of the Minecraft tournament, which has been on an indefinite hiatus since December, but is expected to resume in March.

Noxcrew and Smajor have been enjoying a break and preparing for the third season of MCC, which will likely follow MCC's usual event schedule.

Noxcrew discusses the MC Championship (MCC)'s past, present, and future.

Canon tournaments count toward players' overall victories and come with carefully balanced teams, which are created by Smajor, to ensure that the playing field is as level as possible. Non-canon MCC events are instead focused on a unique theme, such as MCC Rising or MCC All-Stars, or on an important cause, such as the annual MCC Pride event. This is because the teams are generally less balanced, and the theying is the true focus rather than victory.

Non-canon events are usually scheduled throughout the MCC season. The first event back, which is expected to be MCC 29, will be particularly interesting as this was the first time that competitors could continue training to keep their skills sharp, thanks to Noxcrew's MCC Island server.

On the MCC Twitter page, the official return of MCC was announced, with a vague timeline of the event returning to its regular monthly schedule starting in March.

The first MCC tournament of season three has not been announced yet, but fans may anticipate it to take place on a Saturday near the end of the month, following the Minecraft tournament's usual schedule. When the event becomes available, Noxcrew will unveil a date, but it will likely take place on either March 18 or March 25.

Fans should also keep an eye on official team announcements to find out who will be competing in the first installment of MCC's third season. Team announcements should follow the date announcement and will likely occur just a week or two before the tournament.