Twelve memes from The Last of Us that perfectly illustrate how episode 5 impacted us

Twelve memes from The Last of Us that perfectly illustrate how episode 5 impacted us ...

Warning: The following article contains spoilers for Season Five of The Last of Us, titled "Endure and Survive."

The first few Last of Us episodes have left us reeling. This week's fifth episode proved beyond any doubt that the post-apocalyptic jungle of the United States will never provide these characters or the audience with a moment of rest.

The episode began with a flashback sequence introducing viewers to Henry and his little brother, Sam. Kathleen was caught by Henry and she is determined to follow his instructions.

Kathleen follows them around with her mercenaries, but a swarm of infected break through the underground and start to dismember the soldiers. Joel, Ellie, Henry, and Sam escape by the skin of their teeth, but Sam discovers to Ellie that one of the infected bit him on the leg, and Henry commits suicide on the spot.

If you're also having trouble processing all of the emotions from "Endure and Survive," here are some social media memes that may help to encapsulate those feelings. This is how we initially responded to that horrifying conclusion.

Even if you already know what happens to Henry and Sam, this episode will slap you like a truck.

With this adaptation, HBO and Naughty Dog are going for the throat.

It's a good thing this episode aired on a Friday night.

One of the most frightening moments in television was the sudden eruption of an infectious swarm out of the ground.

Imagine if HBO released this chapter simultaneously with Sunday's Super Bowl celebrations. One minute you're a stoic mess over Sam and Henry, and the next you're attempting to evoke Rihanna's halftime performance.

What is the worst news? The Last of Us' remaining five episodes are still waiting on HBO for the next couple of weeks.