Ben Affleck's stans take James Gunn's confirmation to heart, a perfect opportunity for the actor to showcase his cinematic chops

Ben Affleck's stans take James Gunn's confirmation to heart, a perfect opportunity for the actor to  ...

Ben Affleck made headlines after being so unsatisfied at this year's Grammys that Jennifer Lopez was seen reportedly chastising him for it — an act that immediately restored him to health? Could it be that James Gunn's business at DC has him looking so ruthless and going through the motions to support his wife on her night?

Trevor Noah of The Daily Show was doing a skit during the Grammy Awards in which he, unfortunately, sat down next to Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck and corrected them poorly. "Stop. Look more friendly. Look motivated." To which he replied, "I might." As he looked into the camera with a bleak look that immediately went viral.

According to an unknown source for Entertainment Tonight, the award-winning actor has been busy working on several projects and was attempting to be there for his wife, but he was tired. Is it because he was busy working with James Gunn on The Brave and the Bold? So far, Gunn has confirmed that they are working on one of the projects.

The Brave and the Bold is a DC project that leaves the door wide open for anything it has on its plate, and fans are calling for Affleck to direct it. In 2008, the animated series brought the comic book to life about Batman and a new Robin, Damian Wayne — a son Bruce Wayne unknowingly had with supervillain Talia al Ghul who raised him to be an assassin until he met his father.

One fan seems to think that Affleck's plan might be heading in the wrong direction.

Ben can do whatever he wants to do because he has a vast experience that allows him to do just about anything.

It seems like Chapter I will be packed with fantastic tales that will begin bringing the universe together as James Gunn lays out Chapter I for the next ten years.

Yes, James Gunn wants a younger actor for Batman, but that doesn't mean Affleck can't keep going with the caped crusader's evolution.

While fans are still speculating on what role he will play in the still-developing DCU, it is now clear that James Gunn and Ben Affleck are planning together and it is evident they know how to make the most of the headlines. At the end of the day, whatever the project may be, it promises to be something special.