Magic Mike's bleak furniture business appears to have found its muse in a sloppy Paul Rudd rom-com

Magic Mike's bleak furniture business appears to have found its muse in a sloppy Paul Rudd rom-com ...

Magic Mike's Last Dance is given some spoilers in this article.

Magic Mike's Last Dance is set to be the final installment of the franchise, which was previously only released for one day, reminding one very keen observer of a company Paul Rudd ran in an earlier film.

Mike Lane is a retired stripper who finds his way back into the business after his furniture business fell apart during the epidemic. In the second film, he finally has his business but it isn't going well. By the time Magic Mike's Last Dance comes in, Mike has already lost his business.

Magic Mike's failing furniture business reminisces with some very serious film lovers of the 2014 Paul Rudd film They Came Together.

Paul Rudd plays Joel, a corporate stooge sent to shut down Molly's mom-and-pop candy shop. Amy Poehler plays Molly in this funny comedy of romance films. In the end, they meet up and he opens up a coffee shop next to the candy shop he was sent to shut down.

Doesn't it sound a lot like the half-assed strategy Channing Tatum's character has had since he was born for his business ambitions?

DeBatton, a Reddit user, has pointed out the same. "Mike's furniture business seems to be on the verge of bankruptcy and need reorganization." I'm starting to believe he had the same sort of half-assed business strategy as Paul Rudd's dream coffee shop in They Came Together.

Magic Mike's Last Dance, which has a 5.7/10 IMDb score and a 46% Tomatometer score, isn't giving it much in terms of competition. And while Mike does seem to have the same number of brain cells as Paul Rudd's character, others would prefer the former to the ongoing story of the retired male stripper.

Both characters have made some rather naive decisions. Mike would not be in a position where he would have to go out of stripper retirement like Paul Rudd in They Came Together because he also did not have a solid business plan, even though he was a know-it-all corporate stooge who has the wacky notion that he knows what's best for business.