Did a Rick and Morty episode correctly imply that Justin Roiland might be in a position to do something?

Did a Rick and Morty episode correctly imply that Justin Roiland might be in a position to do someth ...

Justin Roiland, the show's co-creator, was the center of attention for many of the greatest Rick and Morty fans, and it would be difficult to continue the series without him. Of course, he was the voice of both Rick and Morty, which would seem to make it difficult to slip creative content past him that addressed issues behind the scenes, or would it?

Roiland was charged with domestic abuse in an incident that originally occurred back in 2020, but loyal followers remained firm until the story broke about his outrageous DMs. Ironically, he didn't think he could be fired if he took on both voice acting roles of Rick and Morty, a notion he soon found to be untrue as Adult Swim decided rather swiftly to part ways with the downward spiraling Emmy winner.

Roiland had little to do with the whole season other than voicing his characters, except for directing one episode and writing six, the last of which being season three episode eight, "Morty's Mind Blowers." It has been established that Roiland had no real meaningful involvement with the show in years, which would make it appear that there had been issues for years.

Were there meta moments throughout the show?

Being kicked out of the writer's room isn't a meta moment in an episode, but it is a clear indication that the entire staff was having issues with him.

This scene smacks the nail on the head pretty hard.

Fans will see it in a whole new light when they look back on it now.

Imagine being kicked out of the writer's room after season three, and the first episode of season four is a reference to a character being kicked out of the garage for being sluggish. Is that meta enough?

Now that all the news has been released, or at least all anyone knows at this point, it's a great question that has fans going back and looking over everything with a different perspective.

What an observation! From thinking he was the whole show to being let go is a major shift in just a few short years, and there is ample evidence to support that claim.

The show's meta is probably so extensive that it's difficult to cover all of it in one sitting. That's the power of the show, and now fans know that it will go on perfectly because it wasn't entirely in his hands at the start.