In Hogwarts Legacy, all collectables in Brocburrow are included

In Hogwarts Legacy, all collectables in Brocburrow are included ...

Hogwarts Legacy has enough collectables to keep you occupied for days. If you need a little help to locate every last thing, here's where to find all of the collectable items in Brocburrow.

Where can I find Brocburrow's four Collection Chests in Hogwarts Legacy?

When you approach one of these collection chests, a mini-map will display it, but the last one may be more difficult to find than you think.

Start from the Floo Flame location. If you go to the house on your left, you'll notice this red collection chest resting behind a cozy couch.

Visit the smaller courtyard with a vendor, then enter the haunted house to the right of the garden with a scarecrow. You'll not only find a second collection chest, but you'll also see Brocburrow's Demiguise Statue, also listed below. The collection chest is on the opposite side of the partition in the room, next to the bed.

The collection chest is located behind the level two locked house to the left of the garden, but it isn't. If you look up beyond the outdoor fireplace further to the left of the house, you'll notice a platform with a chest on top. The wooden box that was discovered behind the house will then be able to grab and open the chest.

This last collection chest may be tricky to find due to its location a bit further away from the Hamlet than the others, and it will not be able to load your mini-map as easily as the first three. Just to the north of Brocburrow is a small stream. On the north side of that pond, your fourth collection chest is waiting to be opened.

Where can I find Brocburrow's Demiguise Statue in Hogwarts Legacy?

This Demiguise Statue is located on the opposite side of the partition in the same house where the second chest was discovered. You may need to change the time from Day to Night via the Map Menu.

In Hogwarts Legacy, where can I find Brocburrow's Field Guide Page?

Brocburrow's Field Guide Page will need to be displayed next to the scarecrow in the garden patch next to the house that housed Collection Chest two and the Demiguise statue. It also contains additional information on enchanted scarecrows, which apparently repel both crows and gardeners.

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