In Hogwarts Legacy, all 10 Demiguise Statue Locations

In Hogwarts Legacy, all 10 Demiguise Statue Locations ...

The moon can only be seen in the dark, much like this adversity with Hogwarts' caretaker, Mr. Moon. He needs your assistance in tracking down some Demiguise statues holding special Moon orbs and figuring out who is behind the plotting. Learning to walk Hogwarts and its grounds will help you master an essential spell: Alohomora.

In Hogwarts Legacy, all Hogwarts Demiguise Moon Locations

After the initial encounter with Mr. Moon, where he unveils a Moon at the Grand Staircase and you recover two Moons from sneaking into the Faculty Tower, Mr. Moon expects you to collect many more to continue improving your Alohomora spell and uncover who is responsible for the Demiguised Moons issue.

Alohomora level two will allow you to collect nine moons, while level three will allow you to collect 13 moons in Hogwarts at different locations. Three of them will require a level two Alohomora to get to, so you may have to go off and collect the Moons from Hogsmeade first.

Follow the Library Floo Flame up the gated restricted area. Head through the gate and climb all the winding stairs down to the lower level. You'll notice the Demiguise Moon just before the entrance to the dungeon area.

Take the Divination Classroom Floo, continue up the stairs, and climb up the ladder leading into the classroom. The Moon will be sitting right on the Professor's desk in the right corner of the room.

Take the Floo Flame to Professor Fig's Classroom, and exit the classroom door. Walk up the stairs and into his office. The Demiguise Moon is just left of the fireplace on the other side of the room.

Take the Great Hall Floo Flame and head to the upper right corner, where you will find a level one locked door. Open it with Alohomora, and the Moon will be hidden inside the fireplace.

Continue forward through the door and past the classroom entrance to the spiral staircase, then go down the stairs as far as you can until you reach the dead end where the House Cabinet is. Use Alohomora to unlock the door and continue through the hallway until you spot another locked door. This door requires a level two Alohomora spell.

Continue walking past the musical paintings and down the right staircase. Turn left around the corner and enter the bathroom with the "Out of Order" sign on it.

Take the Hogwarts North exit Floo Flame and turn around completely to face the castle. Continue down the stairs, until you see a locked door just below the tower, which you can unlock with a level one Alohomora. The moon is just inside the building.

Take the Bell Tower Courtyard Floo, then climb the steps to your left and enter the wooden door. Continue climbing all the stairs and doors until you reach the dragon skeleton. Turn right and walk forward until you see a locked door on your left. Enter the Muggles Studies Classroom immediately.

Then take the Beasts Classroom Floo Flame and turn to your right to see Professor Howin's Office hut. These doors require a level two Alohomora. Once you unlock the doors, go inside, and you'll see the Moon on a table.

Take the Transfiguration Courtyard Floo, then immediately turn around and return to the entrance to the Defence Against the Dark Arts Tower. Turn just slightly to your right, and you'll see a locked door up a few steps. You'll need to unlock the door using Alohomora level two. Enter the room, and you'll find the Moon standing between two talking gargoyle statues.

Demiguise Moon statues are found at all of Hogwarts locations, but there are also many others scattered throughout the world. As you go, you'll need to develop your Alohomora abilities in order to get to them all. And remember, you can only collect these Moons when it is night.

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