In BitLife, how do I become a professor?

In BitLife, how do I become a professor? ...

One of the primary goals of the Catch 'Em All Challenge is to become a professor inside the game. To do this, you must go to a university, followed by attending a graduate school.

BitLife's Graduate School Guide

To graduate from a Graduate School, you must maintain a good smarts stat over 90 throughout your lifetime. After joining a school, use the Study Harder option yearly from the Activities tab to increase the smarts parameter. Along with that, visit the Library or join a debate club to keep your mind sharp during your school days.

After graduating from high school, it's time to join a college. While navigating the list of available courses in a college, you may also choose to use the same Study Harder option in university. Go to the careers tab and select the Graduate School option. You will be permitted to start Graduate School if you have maintained the smart stat over 90.

In BitLife, how do you become a professor?

After graduation from Graduate School, it's time to become a professor. By default, the game does not allow you to become directly, since it requires more than ten years of teaching experience. You can earn some promotions or switch jobs, like becoming an Assist Principal, Principal, or Assist Superintendent, to put yourself in a better position while applying for the Professor position.

From the jobs section, you may apply for a position called Professor(University District). If you have followed everything religiously till now, you will be accepted for professor.

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