Why is it that you can't sell gear in Hogwarts Legacy?

Why is it that you can't sell gear in Hogwarts Legacy? ...

You may want to sell your unwanted gear relatively early in the game by visiting Hogsmeade. Any of the Hogsmeade Shops will allow you to sell your gear. This will give you a set amount of money that will be used in any Hogsmeade Shop to upgrade your gear or purchase items such as potions. This is where you will find the answer.

How to Sell Gear in Hogwarts Legacy

When you first visit Hogsmeade, you are invited to interact and browse the Vendor's shops. However, some Vendors are unable to be spoken to at this time. Such as when players visit the Gladrags Wizardwear Shop for the first time. The reason for this is because you must progress through the story before you can interact with other Vendors, such as Tomes and Scrolls in order to sell your unwanted gear.

Within Hogsmeade, you may sell your gear to any Vendor. However, with Gladrags Wizardwear, players have encountered difficulties. If this is you, we have the solution. When trying to interact with this Vendor, the interaction appears to be locked. To unlock it, you must first complete the 'Welcome to Hogsmeade' Main Questline.

If you are still having problems with accessing the Vendor shops, try using 'Square' or 'X' as the interaction key. This should open the Shop page where you may sell your unwanted gear inside Gladrags Wizardwear.

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