Is Razor the right fit for Genshin Impact?

Is Razor the right fit for Genshin Impact? ...

Razor is a four-star Electro user who was raised by a "lupical" family of wolves, and he wields a Claymore that is too big for his body and summons wolf claws to attack enemies. He is one of your main damage dealers in your team, so join us in determining whether Razor is an effective character in Genshin Impact.

Is Razor worth using in Genshin Impact?

Razor is overshadowed by other Electro users like Raiden Shogun and Keqing, which limits the potential for Elemental Reactions. His attacks also feel heavy, and although his E ability should flow seamlessly with his normal attacks, it takes him a long time to recover his next normal one.

The animations are old and dull, and you're constantly swinging your sword through thick syrup. They unfortunately work against you, rather than in your favor. If you want to make Razor the star of your team, then Razor is worth investing in.