The Best Weapons to Refine in Fire Emblem is in the works, and the Tier List is in the works

The Best Weapons to Refine in Fire Emblem is in the works, and the Tier List is in the works ...

Fire Emblem Engage has a lot to offer players in terms of character customization and progression. Depending on which mode and difficulty you are playing on, this differs in its importance. For the most part, maintaining your characters leveled up and equipped with at least the option of simply manually tapping on optimization for their inventory spaces is sufficient.

To pave your only path to victory, taking the most manual of approaches with the multitude of services within the hub world of Somniel will be necessary on its toughest difficulties. Once the Smithy opens up, you will want to spend much of your time preparing and perfecting better weaponry.

Best Weapons to Refine in Fire Emblem Engage, Tier List

The key to success in Fire Emblem Engage is knowing when to upgrade in any way. Be it promoting units too early or committing to perfectioning certain weapons that drop off in the damage department late-game, this will make your resource management nightmare.

Refinery allows the player to upgrade any weapon up to five times, as indicated by the plus next to the weapon's name. Nevertheless, this may be a daunting task due to how rare the materials are required to refine them every time.

Any unmentioned weapon that does not appear on our list will eat into your resources and prove to be unproductive later on in the game. For this reason, we have restricted to the absolute minimum of weapons worth refining if you do not have any better ones available at the time (grade B).

WeaponOur Given Grade/Worth
Divine Fist Art, Thoron, Liberation, Radiant BowS
Longbow, Levin Sword, Tomahawk, Cinquedea, Excalibur, Any “Brave” weaponA
Any “Silver” or “Killer” weapon (extremely dependent on the majority of your army’s Classes), Elfire, Killer Lance, Armorslayer, Wo DaoB

Continue your refining with the engraving service in the same place as the Smithy to further enhance your weapons and their capabilities. Remember other must-do items in your playthrough such as the following:

  • When finishing a battle, explore the entire battle terrain after a chapter victory to secure more resources.
  • Only pump your hard earned funds into donating to the countries via Café Terrace if the reward provides more resources. Most of the time these are not worth doing because the rewards tend to decline in their usefulness the more you level them up.
  • Always adopt any available animals after battles and know which ones provide the most useful of resources to select them to place outside of the Shelter. These are typically any and all dogs for the amount of Ingots they drop.

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