Can you infiltrate students in the Hogwarts Legacy? Explaining Morality

Can you infiltrate students in the Hogwarts Legacy? Explaining Morality ...

Players are already exploring the Harry Potter universe in its entirety with the initial release of Hogwarts Legacy on February 10th, 2023. With that comes the desire to see how far you can go with executing spells in the NPCs in the game. This short article will clarify whether or not Hogwarts Legacy has a Morality System and whether or not you may assault your fellow pupils on school grounds.

Is it possible to bully students?

You may think that unforgiving curses like Imperio, Crucio, and Avada Kedavra can be used against anyone and everyone. However, Avalanche Software has made it so that you cannot use any attacks against other players in Hogwarts Legacy. Whilst many may have desired a GTA inspired gameplay of taking out who you want, this is not the case in Hogwarts Legacy. You will only be permitted to cast spells on enemies you encounter throughout the Quests.

Is Morality a Function in the Hogwarts Legacy?

The Morality System does not exist in Hogwarts Legacy. Everything you did would be recorded to assess whether you were doing anything right or evil during your playthrough. There are no actions you can perform that are intrinsically evil to execute, including Avada Kedavra. Doing so will have no consequences, nor will you become an evil wizard.

So when one considers that you can't assault any students or that you'll only defeat true adversaries against Hogwarts in combat, it is no surprise that there is no Hogwarts Legacy Morality System.

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